Shaping the Future Together

In the heartland of Indiana, where the echoes of community, family, hard work, and faith resonate through generations, Stand Up Indiana envisions a connected state—a vibrant tapestry where these values serve as the bedrock for progress. As a dynamic communication hub, we leverage digital media strategies, digital organizing, and new media to amplify the essence of Hoosier life, ensuring that our cherished values endure. Our mission is clear: challenge conservative propaganda and champion progressive solutions deeply rooted in the values that define our community.

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Community Unity: Guided by the Hoosier value of community, we foster unity and collaboration. Stand Up Indiana is a rallying point, bringing people together for the greater good of our state. It’s a commitment to a connected Indiana where neighbors support neighbors, and the strength of our communities defines our shared identity.

Family First: Embracing the value of family, we prioritize policies and initiatives that strengthen Hoosier families. In our advocacy, we strive to create a thriving and nurturing environment for all, ensuring that every family in Indiana has the support and resources they need to flourish.

Hard Work Ethic: Grounded in the Hoosier tradition of hard work, we recognize the importance of diligence and perseverance. At Stand Up Indiana, we approach every challenge with the same grit and determination that defines our state, striving to achieve meaningful progress for all Hoosiers.

Faith in Action: Aligned with the Hoosier value of faith, we approach our work with a sense of purpose and commitment. Our unwavering conviction drives positive change, as we believe in the potential of Hoosiers to shape a better future together.

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How We Achieve Our Mission:

Stand Up Indiana operates as a catalyst for progressive policy and grassroots activity, grounded in the values of community, family, hard work, and faith. Through strategic digital media strategies, digital organizing, and engagement in new media, we aim to uphold these cherished values while advocating for progress that benefits every Hoosier family.

Join us in our journey to build a more inclusive, compassionate, and progressive Indiana, rooted in the timeless values that define our community. Stand up, Hoosiers, and let’s shape a better future together!