Lincoln’s Legacy: Cultivating Hoosier Values for a Progressive Tomorrow

Indiana, the childhood home of one of America’s most progressive politicians, Abraham Lincoln, serves as a beacon of inspiration for Stand Up Indiana. Here, on this hallowed ground, Lincoln absorbed pivotal values that would profoundly shape his legacy. Much like our organization, Stand Up Indiana, which strives to revive Hoosier hospitality, Lincoln’s upbringing laid the foundation for values crucial to our mission—unity, honesty, hard work, community, family, faith.

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Lincoln’s Indiana roots have left an indelible mark on our collective ethos. We share a belief in the transformative power of honesty, an essential principle that guides our advocacy. Embracing the strength derived from a united community, Stand Up Indiana recognizes the importance of familial bonds, echoing the values that were instilled in Lincoln during his formative years.

As we stand up for Hoosiers, actively reshaping Indiana’s political landscape, our commitment is fortified by drawing inspiration from the very soil that molded Lincoln into a leader of unwavering integrity and vision. Our journey at Stand Up Indiana mirrors the spirit of Lincoln’s Hoosier upbringing, propelling us forward towards a brighter, more inclusive, and united future for all Hoosiers.

Join us in delving into Lincoln’s legacy, understanding that the values of faith, community, and family—sown in the Hoosier heartland—continue to be the seeds of progress for Indiana’s tomorrow. It is with these values that we forge ahead, driven by the spirit of Lincoln, towards a future where Hoosier ideals and progressive principles intertwine for the betterment of all.

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