In the heartland of America, where amber waves of grain meet the skyline, Stand Up Indiana stands as a beacon of progress, grounded in the enduring values that define the spirit of Hoosiers. Guided by the principles of community, family, hard work, and faith, we embark on a mission to reshape the narrative of our state, fostering a better Indiana for all.


Mission: Empowering Hoosiers, Upholding Values

Our mission at Stand Up Indiana is a testament to the essence of our beloved state. Rooted in the cherished values of community, family, hard work, and faith, we are dedicated to uplifting the voices of Hoosiers across the expanse of our great state. As a communication hub for the progressive movement, we provide communities with the tools they need to shape their own destinies, all while staying true to the timeless values that make Indiana special.

Vision: Driven by Hoosier Values, United for Progress

Our vision is painted with the vibrant hues of a connected Indiana, where the bedrock of progress lies in the values of community, family, hard work, and faith. As a dynamic communication hub, Stand Up Indiana employs innovative strategies—digital media, organizing, and new media—to amplify these values, ensuring the preservation of the Hoosier way of life. Our goal is ambitious: to challenge conservative propaganda and advance progressive solutions aligned with the cherished values of our community.

Values: A Tapestry Woven with Hoosier Ideals

Community Unity: At Stand Up Indiana, we are guided by the Hoosier value of community. We foster unity and collaboration, bringing people together for the greater good of our state. Our advocacy extends beyond individuals; it encompasses the collective strength that arises when communities unite.

Family First: Embracing the value of family, we prioritize policies and initiatives that strengthen and support Hoosier families. Our commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric; it’s a promise to create a thriving and nurturing environment where every Hoosier family can flourish.

Hard Work Ethic: Grounded in the Hoosier tradition of hard work, we recognize the importance of diligence and perseverance in achieving meaningful progress. Our journey mirrors the grit and determination woven into the fabric of Indiana’s history.

Faith in Action: Aligned with the Hoosier value of faith, we approach our work with a sense of purpose and commitment. It’s more than a belief; it’s a driving force, propelling positive change forward with unwavering conviction.

How We Achieve Our Mission: A Catalyst for Progressive Change

Stand Up Indiana operates as a catalyst for progressive policy and grassroots activity, firmly grounded in the values of community, family, hard work, and faith. Through strategic digital media strategies, digital organizing, and engagement in new media, we aim to uphold these cherished values while advocating for progress that benefits every Hoosier family.

Join the Movement: Shaping a Better Future Together

Join us in our journey to build a more inclusive, compassionate, and progressive Indiana, rooted in the timeless values that define our community. Stand up, Hoosiers, and let’s shape a better future together! Together, we stand tall, driven by the principles that make Indiana not just a state but a home, and a beacon of hope for a brighter tomorrow. Stand Up, Indiana!