Instigating Change for Hoosiers

At Stand Up Indiana, our mission is rooted in collaboration, serving as a catalyst for positive change in Indiana’s political landscape. We actively engage with grassroots activists, advocates, and community organizers, recognizing their pivotal role in reshaping the state’s legislative and electoral environment. By fostering partnerships, we amplify the voices of Hoosiers, creating a powerful platform that advocates for progressive values.

Indiana statehouse activist - Indianapolis, IN

We understand the strength that comes from unity, and that’s why we stand shoulder to shoulder with grassroots activists, advocates, and community organizers. Together, we champion causes that matter most to the diverse communities across Indiana, working towards a future that is not only more equitable but also deeply inclusive. Our commitment extends beyond the conventional boundaries of politics, aiming to build a space where every Hoosier’s voice is not only heard but plays a significant role in shaping the direction of our state.

We believe in the transformative potential of collective action. By partnering with those at the grassroots level, we strive to ensure that the values of the Hoosier state are reflected in our legislative decisions and electoral processes. Our vision is one of a future where every Hoosier can thrive, and our partnerships with activists, advocates, and organizers form the backbone of this endeavor. Together, we are actively shaping a more inclusive, progressive, and promising future for Indiana.

How We're Making a Difference
  • Organizing

    We mobilize activists both online and offline, fostering a diverse community committed to reshaping our future. Additionally, we work with advocacy organizations to promote their campaigns for change and fight for a balanced legislature in Indiana. 

  • Communications

    We operate behind the scenes, we’re the communications and research team for grassroots groups across the state. We work with organizations that share our values. Our team excels in crafting compelling narratives and messages that resonate through various channels, including digital media and traditional news outlets. Our commitment extends to producing high-quality research to inform targeted campaigns and better understand those who disagree with us. 

  • Training

    Stand Up Indiana is dedicated to equipping grassroots activists, community leaders, and advocates with the essential tools needed to collectively reshape the narrative of progress in Indiana. Through comprehensive training programs, we empower individuals to effectively drive positive change in their communities.

  • Leadership

    We firmly believe in holding decision-makers accountable for their actions and ensuring they prioritize the needs and expectations of the voters. When leaders fall short, we step in to address the issues with public support. Simultaneously, we endorse and advocate for leaders who champion progress, thereby fueling the momentum towards a more balanced Indiana legislature.

Our Approach

A Communication hub

At Stand Up Indiana, we operate as a communications hub for progressive ideas. We believe in empowering people to create change, both online and on the ground, focusing on the issues that matter most to Hoosiers.

As an independent voice for Hoosier politics and policymaking, we work year-round to run integrated media campaigns alongside our partners to ensure that Indiana’s future is centered around the interests of the diverse people who populate this state.

Reshaping Politics

Our overarching goal is to help progressives win more often and to give ordinary people a strong voice in politics. By addressing environmental concerns, advocating for equal education, fostering community safety, promoting diversity and inclusion, and championing fair wages, we are actively shaping a future where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

Join us in the fight for a better Indiana. Stand up for progress, stand up for equality, and stand up for the issues that matter most to our communities. Together, we can build a brighter and more inclusive future for all Hoosiers.

Structure and Status

Stand Up Indiana is made up of two entities, Stand Up Indiana and Stand Up Indiana Action Fund. Both work together to uplift the voices of Hoosiers and the issues that matter most to them. Stand Up Indiana focuses on providing educational resources and programming, while Stand Up Indiana Action Fund advocates for policy and electoral change.

Formed in 2023, Stand Up Indiana is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focusing on civic engagement and education. Stand Up Indiana Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) designation that allows us to advocate for legislation and influence the decisions of our elected leaders.

Contributions made to Stand Up Indiana are tax deductible, tax ID: 93-2686272

Contributions made to Stand Up Indiana Action Fund are NOT tax deductible, tax ID: 93-2679826.

You can donate to our causes here.